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Blair Johnson


About Me

My name is Blair Johnson and I am currently attending Base Camp Coding Academy. When I graduate BCCA with a certificate I will be skilled in Python, HTML, CSS, Django, Javascript and more. I plan on going to college and study cybersecurity or get a job in computer programming.


Python Javascript Git Spring Django HTML CSS Mysql


Weather Program

Weather Program

This weather program was made with python in replit. This was my first solo project where I used an API to connect my program to a live data source.

Yelp Login Copy

This is an copy of the yelp login page I made with just html and css skills.


This was a group project I made with two other classmates. you can adopt pets as a user but as admin you are allowed to put animals up for adoption and more!

Random Meme Generator

This was an random generator assignment that I made. Just Click the button and a random meme appears!